“Let’s work together to make this city bold, inclusive, and vibrant!”

I am here to start a new conversation – one that has been missing from municipal politics, one that ensures that younger folks and young families have space and a future in this city.

I see a Victoria that can be affordable, inclusive, and vibrant. It can be the best place in the world to raise kids.

How can we get there?

I believe that we need leadership to be bold and creative in what we imagine our city to be, accompanied by a collaborative, cross-party, cross-perspective approach to problem solving that empowers and includes all of our voices.

When we have good ideas, good people, and good relationships we can tackle the problems and build on our strengths. Democratic participation, and engagement will guarantee Victoria’s prosperous, vibrant future for all.

As a city councillor…

I will support, enable, and incentivize the development of diverse types of housing like townhomes, three-bedroom condos, multi-family dwellings, and housing co-ops. Vibrant neighbourhoods where families can live, walk, and play must be a priority.

I will work with community organizations to facilitate and support the development of multi-use, intergenerational, and intercultural spaces.

I will work to ensure the city does our part to encourage, facilitate, and enable childcare providers to work and thrive in this city, building on the steps the provincial government is taking.

I will prioritize supportive housing and addictions care. Mental health affects everyone and there is a role for the city to play in developing caring communities that are supportive, inclusive, and address those in need.

People who live, work, and play in our city know best what they and their community needs.  I will advocate for participatory budgeting and collaborative urban planning as is used in cities around the world that facilitate conversation between council, residents, and businesses.

This is our time to start a new conversation, to choose our future. We can seize the opportunity to invest in dynamic, healthy, and liveable communities for everyone. Elect me, Grace Lore, for City Council.

“Let’s work together!”

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The issues

Victoria is beautiful –  we have Dallas Road, the Gorge, Cook Street Village, Fernwood Square, weather that lets us play at parks all year round, quick access to the beautiful west coast, and so much more. One sunny Saturday this May, you had your choice of the Oaklands Street Party and the Quadra Village Day!

But it’s far from an easy place to be.

Did you know that there are about half as many kids under 14 in Victoria as there are in the rest of Canada and other comparable cities like Edmonton, Ottawa, and Regina?  

Why? It’s not a secret: housing and childcare are unaffordable in this city… if you can find it, that is!  We risk families leaving for places they can afford and for places where they see space for themselves.

There are far too few homes for families to live in – there are just 189 purpose-built three-bedroom rentals in this city, compared to almost 10,000 one-bedrooms. Regardless of the price of a one bedroom, a family of four cannot make it work. Vacancy rates for three bedrooms are not near zero, they are zero.

Childcare wait lists are long  – if you can even get on them – and little ones often age out before a spot becomes available.

Affordability is critical, and we must not see it as a stand alone issue; we need to make sure plans for affordable and attainable homes include spaces for families and build on a diversity of housing options. Neighbourhoods should be for sharing; they should – and can be –  walkable, friendly, and diverse.

I will look to national and international examples of urban planning and city development to learn what has worked. In Calgary, for example, residents were able to identify projects for new lighting in areas where they felt unsafe walking at night. In Montreal, participatory urban planning led to urban gardens in social housing.

I’m so excited to work on these issues & secure space in this city for young families. I hope that you will join me!