Grace Lore examines politicians getting trolled on the campaign trail in June 11 Ryerson webinar, The Hill Times. June, 2020

Fundraising – Socially Distant Marathon  

Make sexual assault response an essential service, province urged

Victoria city council candidate pushing childcare as civic election issue

Support Services Still Lacking For Sexual Assault Survivors, Policy Options. February, 2020

Women in politics: Is the gender gap in Canadian parliaments growing?CTV, April 2020

What the Alberta and PEI votes say about women in politics. Policy Options. April 2019

Victoria council candidate wants to help out young families, Fall 2018

How Pervasive is Sexual Harassment in Politics, Simi Sara Show,January 2018

One Hundred Years and Counting: The State of Women in Politics in Canada Parliamentary Review. Autumn 2017

Second election is not the answer to BC’s political mess.  Policy Options. June 2017

Trudeau confronted about electoral reform on International Women’s Day

Electoral reform agenda may be over, but democratic reform is not, Hill Times, February 2017

What the response to Christy Clark sex assault story says about life for women in politics. The Hill Times. June 2016

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Presentations and Events

Getting trolled on the campaign trail, Ryerson Faculty of Arts, June 2020

Should BC Change it’s Voting System? October 13, 2018

Forum for Millennial Leadership, September 2018

Lore, G & Peckford, N. (2016, 19 April) Initiatives towards a more family-friendly House of Commons. Presentation to the Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs. 42nd Parliament, 1st Session.

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