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Grounding Care in Community Before Police

Our collective attention has turned to the experience of Black and Indigenous folks when...

Building community in a time of covid

I had the chance to talk to the Fernwood NRG about what it can look like to build a time of...

Caledonia Housing moves ahead to public hearing!

After much effort from neighbours and advocates over the last year, we are so thrilled to hear...

Triathlon of Compassion – Raising money for the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre

Friends - Its that time of year again. I'm doing the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre Triathlon of...

An Incredible $10million announced for sexual assault services

The Government of BC has announced $10million for community-based emergency sexual assault...

Our distance marathon raised on $65,000 for Callanish Society

Can I tell you a little story about my friend Lise? Lise is amazing - she's an incredible friend,...

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About Me

My name is Grace Lore and I am a mom, a community organizer, an anti-violence advocate, ally, researcher, and a lecturer at the University of Victoria.

My Work

Community Engagement

Community means everything to me.

Victoria Sexual Assault Centre – Engagement and Change

 I work with the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre to secure services for survivors of sexual assault on South Vancouver Island.

Lecturer – University of Victoria

I teach Canadian Elections, Gender and Politics, Gender Dynamics in Canadian Politics, and Introduction to Political Science Methods.


I design and execute accessible research to support evidence-based decision-making, build positive relationships, and facilitate cross-sector collaboration.

2018 Municipal Election

In 2018, I ran in the Victoria municipal election with a focus on affordable and family-friendly, climate ready and community-focused neighbourhoods


Media, Articles, and Coverage of Work.

Connect With Grace

The best way to connect with me is via Social Media. I'm active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.