What an incredible journey we are starting!

I am so thrilled, honoured, and excited to have incredible support in this riding, from new and long-standing members, local business owners and community advocates, from neighbours, friends, and families, and, most importantly from my incredible partner Rob, and my littles – Asher and Evie.

“It’s been an enormous privilege to serve the people of Victoria Beacon-Hill as your MLA. We’ve accomplished a great deal together and I am extremely grateful to all of you for your support, advice, advocacy, and passion.

Now it’s time to look to the future and a new generation of leadership for our community. That’s why I’m so proud to endorse Grace Lore as our next NDP candidate in Victoria-Beacon Hill.”

Carole James

(read the full endorsement here)

“I support Grace because she is a thoughtful, tenacious and creative leader. As a mother to young children myself, I believe we need more representation like Grace in politics to address issues that most concern us.”

Golriz Fattahi, new Victoria Beacon Hill NDP member.


I’ve never met a harder working or more dedicated human. I am so proud to support Grace Lore and we would be so lucky to have someone like Grace represent our community. 

Lise Berube, Victoria Beacon Hill BC NDP Member


“Grace Lore embodies the kind of thoughtful and passionate leader our community needs right now! Grace’s outstanding work and dedication at the Victoria Sexual Assault Clinic has impressed me in the many years I have known and worked with her. Grace has all the best qualities to be a provincial representative!” 

Maurine Karagianis, former NDP MLA 

“Grace is the perfect candidate for Victoria Beacon Hill, with her strong social justice and environmental values.  She has real experience that she can take into public office.  She knows how to get things done for people.”

Dean Fortin, long-time NDP member, Former Victoria Mayor


“Grace Lore lives the values in which both our Party and I believe. The values of equality, inclusion, caring, and open diversity. Grace cares about family, community and the wider needs of our province. I am proud to add my support to the nomination of Grace Lore for NDP candidate for Victoria- Beacon Hill. Grace deserves all of our votes!”

Mavis DeGirolamo, long-time Victoria Beacon Hill NDP Member

“Grace is a connector. She is fabulous at building and maintaining relationships with neighbours and communities, which is how we met her. We have organized together for affordable housing in our neighbourhood and through this and other work together know how dedicated, tenacious, and brilliant she is at working with government to ensure policy and projects happen.”

– Amy and Alyx (and Arden!)

“I support Grace Lore’s run for NDP office because she has the experience and commitment to achieve success. Grace’s is an amazing source of support in our community. Her education and passion for politics will serve her constituents well.”

Kate Shelton, new Victoria Beacon Hill NDP member, Owner: Tonic Spatique

(photo cred: @alysibleyphotography).

Grace as MLA? Now that is something our community needs. Grace is a strong leader who is not afraid to tackle the challenging issues our society is facing. She has spent much of her own time with Umbrella so she could understand more about the substance use issues our community is dealing with.  I think we need more of that; more questions, more understanding, more empathy and more values based leadership that includes family, empathy, inclusion and kindness. Our community would be better with Grace Lore as representative for Victoria – Beacon Hill in the next John Horgan government.”

Sharlene Law, Executive Director, Umbrella Society


“Grace Lore is one of the hardest workers I know – she’s determined, passionate, and cares deeply about this community and its residents. She truly has the chops to carry on the amazing work that has been done in this constituency and by the NDP government. I couldn’t be prouder to support Grace to be the next NDP MLA for Victoria-Beacon Hill.”

Alison James, Victoria Beacon Hill NDP member.

“Hard working, tenacious and passionate about the issues that matter to our community, Grace will be an excellent representative for Beacon Hill in a re-elected John Horgan NDP government.  She has everything it takes to win and help in the fight for a better province.”  

Jim Rutkowski Victoria Beacon Hill NDP 



Stay tuned – We are just getting started!

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