Grace A Lore, PhD, MSc


Candidate for City Council

Making space for young families and building inclusive, vibrant communities for all.


Iā€™m so excited to be running for city council in this great city ā€“ I will work creatively and collaboratively to make Victoria inclusive and vibrant.

I want to hear about your experiences living, working, and playing in Victoria, I want to know what you think would make this city better.

Connect with me ī€

I am a mom, a small business owner, a professor at the University of Victoria, a lover of running, walkable and vibrant neighbourhoods, and am working hard to build a village for my kids.

I am committed to inclusivity, equity, democratic engagement and participation. These principles have run continuously through all that I do, whether it is working with Daughters of the Vote or Equal Voice, volunteering for the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre, or through my academic research.

I live in Fernwood, and like most households in Victoria, my family and I rent our home. I understand the struggle this city is for so many, including young families.