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Grace Lore Victoria-Beacon Hill BC NDP

In 2017, I sat in the Legislature and listened to Carole James deliver this NDP government’s first Budget update. I was changed by what I heard: for the first time in 16 years, a compassionate plan that puts people back at the centre of government. A real plan for affordable and accessible childcare, making sure our most vulnerable are cared for, and a bold vision for housing. I witnessed proof that when the right government takes action to put people first, people’s lives are changed tangibly, and meaningfully.

I am a mom of two young kids, an educator at the University of Victoria, and a volunteer and advocate at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre. I believe that by working together, we can make life better for everyone, and that’s why I am seeking the BC NDP nomination for Victoria-Beacon Hill. As MLA, I will serve this community passionately and know that with hard work and dedication, we can protect this riding and the investments our government has made for people.

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has put a magnifying glass on our most pressing challenges, causing enormous pain and dislocation for many, particularly our most vulnerable. 

Yet the pandemic has also created a sense of possibility and connection as we turn to each other for support. The NDP’s action on COVID-19 has put people at the centre of our response and as we rebuild committed to safety and resilience, now more than ever before is the time for positive relationships, collaboration, and a focus on creative solutions from your government.

There is work to be done and the stakes have never been higher – we need a government that has the right priorities, that has people at the heart of everything it does. We need another government led by Premier Horgan – a government that acts on climate change, that will work towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, that protects public services, and that always puts people first.  


Let’s do this.

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